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If we start to work with nature, instead of against her, we still have a chance.

A question I am asked often is: "Is it not too late?"

My honest answer as a trained biologist is: "I do not know, but I do know we are very close to a point of no return where human induced runaway change is spiralling out of control. Still, I feel motivated to work towards solutions."


∞ Because every living system will try to sustain itself. So if we start to work with nature, instead of against her, we still have a chance to turn it around. Because life has been around for 3.8 billion years, despite endless change and disruption, massive upheaval and cosmic collisions. Nature therefore knows what works, what can last, and most importantly what contributes to future life on Earth. She is the undisputed master of continuous innovation, adaptation and ultimately, regeneration. Imagine what we can achieve if we put human ingenuity in service of healing our planet.

Transforming our exchange systems from a 'for-profit' to a 'for-life' value logic will improve quality of life individually, collectively and planetary. And when we feel better, we perform better, becoming the change we want to see.

It is time to (re-)discover how life works so we can shift our degenerative patterns and processes into regenerative ones, healing every place we touch.


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