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What we do

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Research


Nature is the undisputed master of continuous innovation, adaptation and, ultimately, regeneration.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Innovation


Today, the Western world operates under a mechanistic machine logic of reality. But the world is not a machine, it is a living system. 


Exploring the latest scientific insights in how nature builds, adapts, protects, recycles, self-organises, self-regulates and regenerates.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Innovation


A scarcity and exploitation mindset fuels competition and deterioration. An evolutionary mindset fuels development and growth. 

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Education
Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Nature's creativity
"This fascinating workshop was a mix of hands-on activities and inspiring content. We learned about so many wonderful examples of nature’s creativity. My brain got transformed into a blank canvas, and I’ve been painting on it ever since…"
Yves De Smet —R&D Manager Soudal

What we can do for you

We offer keynotes, workshops, boot camps, ideation, online programs, experiential activities, nature immersions, vision quests, R&D support, BM innovation, leadership development, strategy support, purpose exploration, team activities and other learning journeys inspired by NI.

Every offer can be tailored to your request.

Please reach out for a customized offer.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Workshops

"Going against the ways in which life works is inherently inefficient. It costs energy, resources, health and spirit. NI shows us that

there is another way."

Leen Gorissen —Founder Centre4NI  

How we work

Our approach is NI-sourced, essence-based and value-centered. We might not always make it easy (for us there is no box, let alone inside the box) but we will always make it worthwhile. We know that the whole is more than the sum of the parts, so we co-create the learning journeys and projects together with our clients. And we will always aim to leave it better than we found it.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Innovation techniques
“I would like to thank you for the wonderful session you delivered and animated with our Design Team in Eindhoven. I can safely say that all of us left this session with a new look onto innovation techniques and a better way to think 'outside'. Thank you again so much!”
Pierre-Yves Panis —Head of Design Philips


In the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park, we are restoring overgrazed pastureland into biodiversity rich and edible ecosystems inspired by NI. Our first task is to plant 1000 trees in the first two years, and thousands after. This is our home base to host retreats and nature immersions when we are not working on location. Because nature itself is the most potent force on the planet to restore our energy & health and boost our creativity & cognitive abilities.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Boost creativity
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