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Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Research and development

Life is the network

Innovation evolves through the network

Our core team

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen
Leen Gorissen
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PhD in Biology with a specialisation in transition science, sustainability, 

biomimicry, regenerative design & development.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | NI

Our mission is to leave it better than we found it.

So we will be planting a 1.000 trees in the next two years.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Robby Oblonsek
Robby Oblonsek
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Master in Instructional & Educational Sciences with a passion for learning processes and leadership development. 

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | bioinspired innovation

Success is about the right skills in the right place.

That's why we operate in a hive model of collaboration.

Our collaborators

Centre4NI | Julie Vens-De Vos
Julie Vens-De Vos
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Centre4NI | Ben Haggard
Ben Haggard
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Regenesis Group

Centre4NI | Martina Mangelsdorf
Martina Mangelsdorf
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GAIA Insights

Centre4NI | Giles Hutchins
Giles Hutchins
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Future Fit Leadership Academy

Centre4NI | Jill Peeters
Jill Peeters
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Climate without Borders

Centre4NI | Laura Storm
Laura Storm
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Our partners

Centre4NI Partners | Regenesis
Centre4NI Partners | Flanders Investment & Trade
Centre4NI Partners | Nexxworks
Centre4NI Partners | Gaia Insights
Centre4NI Partners
Centre4NI Partners | Clinate without Borders
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