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Transforming business & the world

through NI-inspired innovation

Our vision

Our vision is a healthy planet Earth where humans have learned to live in balance with their environment. A planet that thrives with life. A planet where quality of life for all of life is the standard that guides innovation and where doing well by doing good is the cornerstone of civilisation.

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We believe the SDGs

are not about arriving

they are about


Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Business for good

Our mission

Our mission is to tap into the intelligence that is as old as time.

To apply NI to innovation and organisation contexts and enable more regenerative models of value creation. So that we —just like the whales, wolves, fungi and so many other organisms— leave the world better than we found it.


We are here to rewild your innovation DNA.


We are here to renature human nature.



Our business model

We firmly believe that we need to change our logic of value creation.

A singular focus on 'for-profit' has been the driver of degeneration,

a process of decline and deterioration. 


We aim to develop a business model that leads to regeneration,

a process of renewal and revitalization that leaves the planet healthier,

wealthier and more vibrant than before. That is why we are expanding

the 'for-profit' logic to a 'for-life' logic. Because we want to leave

the planet better off than before.

∞    For-Profit        For-Quality        For-Life  


This means that our business model needs to:

- produce oxygen

- build soil

- recover balance

- restore health

- support biodiversity

- and generate abundance of life.


To achieve this, a significant part of our revenu will be invested

in restoring the ecosystems that support us. 


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