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In contrast to AI, NI does not need vast computing power. All NI needs is the space to do her work.

One of the great things when we (re)learn how life on planet Earth works, is that we discover that the natural world is our best ally to help us restore balance to the climate and to Earth's life-support systems. This is what I call NI (Natural Intelligence). And in contrast to AI, NI does not need vast computing power or energy. All NI needs is the space and a non-toxic environment to do her work.

This video by One Earth is a great illustration how keystone species can restore ecosystems and help us resolve climate change. They are also our best ally to restore biodiversity. Biodiversity is of vital importance for the food webs that nurture us.

Imagine what we can achieve, if we would invest the same amount in NI as we did in AI.

It is not technology, but a paradigm shift that is needed now.

That is why we work on shifting paradigms.

That is why we are regenerative practitioners.

Learn more about Nature's superheroes and why we need to help them help us via the resources below.



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