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2021 was a wild year. Let's make 2022 even wilder!

Finally, interest in Nature's Intelligence is rising. We were invited to talk about NI on the popular Radio 1 show called 'Interne Keuken', NI was selected as one of the 22 new ideas for 2022 in the news journal De Standaard and NI was the opening keynote on the ICTU Inspiration Festival 2021 in den Haag! Below the links to the sources. All are in Dutch this time. Enjoy!

The link to the Radio 1 show 'Interne keuken' is accessible via the button below . The talk about NI is called Climate Whales (klimaatwalvissen) and features also wolves, dogs, sharks, hippos, plankton and much more!

The opening keynote of the ICTU Inspiration Festival can be viewed below. It gives a short introduction into the concept of Natural Intelligence, why we need to think differently about innovation, what key features of NI are and how NI-inspired business pioneers have come up with new innovations based on 3.8 billion years experience in R&D. The keynote is in Dutch!

And below you can find the link to the article in De Standaard that was featured in the series 22 ideas for 2022. It gives a short overview on why we need to give Nature space.



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