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Centre4NI | Natural Intelligence

Why Natural Intelligence?

To become a force for good.


NI is the intelligence that is as old as time. It is the intelligence that knows what works, what lasts and what contributes to the future of life on Earth. It is the driver behind 3.8 billion years of continuous innovation, adaptation and, ultimately, regeneration. It is what makes nature work—despite limited resources and endless change and disruption. 


Tapping into NI is how we shift from tragedy to prosperity and build businesses, organisations and institutions that foster a healthier, wealthier

and more viable future.


Life’s permanence is evidence to NI’s competence.

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen| Regeneration



NI for business

We can redesign business as part of the solution by tapping into the intelligence that stood the test of time. For, Nature is the largest R&D project in history. Gazillions of field tests have led to designs that outclass any man-made design in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, agility, resiliency and endurance.

NI, therefore, offers a whole new lens to look at innovation, design and organisation. It unlocks pathways to shift from degenerative to regenerative value creation —upgrading, not downgrading, the world through nature-inspired innovation and collaboration.



Join us

and become a force for good.

"This very inspiring and practical workshop is instrumental for any business leader or innovation manager in becoming aware how innovation can and should really work, inspired by nature and in sync with all the laws of nature - it is the only sustainable way."
Anouk Lagae —CEO Accent Jobs


What you get

  • A renewed sense of possibility

  • A novel way to tackle sustainability

  • Cutting-edge frameworks to uplift business thinking and practice

  • A whole new lens and set of tools to elevate innovation, organisation & leadership

  • A better way to understand and adapt to change, disturbance and disruption 

  • Insight into how to unleash the collective intelligence of your work force

  • A thorough understanding of the complex nature of systems and of regenerative value creation

  • A purpose beyond profit


...and a whole lot of revitalising energy! 

Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Innovation inspired by nature


Centre for Natural Intelligence

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Centre4NI | Leen Gorissen | Sustainability

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